Vehicle Emergency Kits

Vehicle Emergency Kits for Winter

Just as you may have a tornado or severe storm kit in your basement, it’s a good idea to keep an emergency kit in your car in case of extreme conditions. In the winter months especially, there are many items that could prove to be very useful in an unfortunate weather-related situation or accident that causes you to be exposed to extreme temperatures.

Start your kit with some basic essentials, such as non-perishable food items (i.e. canned goods or snacks), and bottled water. Pack enough for all the people typically in your car.

Next, a few handy tools to add to your kit include:

  • A windshield ice scraper
  • A multi-purpose utility tool, such as a pocket knife
  • An LED flashlight with spare batteries
  • And a bag of cat litter

Yes, you read that right. Cat litter is a great, lightweight alternative to salt or sand that can be used to free your car from snow banks or icy patches.

A classic first-aid kit may be in your car already, but it’s worth a second look to ensure it still has a full supply. Lastly, tucking a warm blanket in your trunk is also a good idea in case your car won’t start, or you have to wait for assistance in cold temperatures.

Take a look at which of these items you already have in your car, and consider adding the ones you don’t. You will be happy you did if you ever come across a situation when you need them.