Classic Cars

Auto Body Repair for Classic Cars

When you buy a classic car, you will almost certainly need to have some kind of auto body work done to restore the car to its former glory. Although it can be very satisfying to restore a classic car yourself, it can be hard work, and you may not be able to get the same quality as a professional repair.

Many rare or classic cars appreciate in value depending on the condition or what has been done to the vehicle. Any alterations or repairs can affect a classic car’s value, so it’s best to leave the auto body repair to the professionals to protect your investment.

According to the Historic Automobile Group Index (HAGI), the value of classic cars jumped 39% in 2013 and has outperformed other collectibles such as gold, art, wine, coins and stamps over the last 10 years.

The founder of HAGI, Dietrich Hatlapa said, “Classic cars have been a very good performer in terms of value appreciation, and the financial crisis helped classic cars and collectible markets.”

David Gooding, president and founder of auction house Gooding & Co., has sold thousands of classic cars over the years. Gooding said that classic cars are becoming more valuable and coveted by collectors from all over the world. “People are realizing [classic cars] are exciting to collect. You can drive them and take them around the world. A car can be a passport to adventure,” he said.

Auto body work for your classic car can turn your automobile into a beautiful piece of art–or it can make it look like a polished piece of junk. Besides risking the investment value, a DIY classic car repair might initially seem simple to do, but you may find out that it is very time consuming and really not worth your time as you get into the project. If you’ve never worked on a classic car before, there may be a learning curve or you may run into unexpected hiccups while doing the repair. A car restoration that takes an auto body shop three hours to do might take you 15 hours, especially if it is the first time working on your classic car.

Choosing an auto body shop to do your classic car restoration might also be a daunting task. You can find an auto body shop near you as well as track the progress of your classic car’s repair.